Setting the tone

Hi There,

Games have the ability to take us to places we may never otherwise be able to visit, or make us question and challenge what we know.

But a great game does this before you even start playing. The interface a game provides can either enhance or break the immersion of a game. Sometimes it can get in the way, and other times it can make getting to settings a real chore.

I wanted to make the interface for my game a part of the experience and to set the tone for the game. Menus should not be second class citizens and can be just as enjoyable as the game.

Main Menu Main Menu

The first screen you see is, of course, the main menu. It is here where have all the actions you can take laid out before you. For Facility 9, I have broken it down to “Play”, “Options” and “Exit”.

New Game New Game

The first option is “Play”, from here you can either start a new game or load up an existing one.

Loading Loading

When you start a new game or load an existing one, you will be taken to the loading screen. From here you can become mesmerized by the wormhole or pick up a few helpful hints while the game loads.

Settings Settings

No game would be complete without an extensive set of options for you to tweak the experience to your liking.

Do you like these designs? Let me know in the comments.

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