Ruben's Place


Welcome to Ruben’s Place. It’s not much to look at right now but this is the start of what will be the first area in the game and serves a critical purpose of setting the narrative up during the prologue.

I settled with a modern and minimalist flat with an open-plan layout.


The flat is pretty open with the main area being shared by a kitchen and living space. To the left there is a large walk in cupboard for storing your belongings.

At the back of the flat is a large window which gives you breathtaking views over the city…but you will have to imagine that for now.


Beyond the cupboard, is a corridor which gives you access to the bedroom and the bathroom.


From there I started to create some basic shapes to represent furniture and appliances like counters, beds and a shower.


While I am only in the early stages, the aim is to transform this grey box into a lived-in space that feels authentic. I will continue adding more intricate details and replacing the placeholder shapes as progress is made.

I can’t wait to share the finished level with you.

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